Do you have any offices in Pune, apart from PCMC?

No! Currently we only have an office in PCMC; however we will be opening up an office in Pune, in the near future.

What are the repair charges for desktops/laptops/projectors?

Well to be honest, it all depends upon the kind of repair work that is required for your product. It could be as low as ₹99/- to something as big as ₹10,000/-.

Do you charge for an irreparable device?

The answer to that is NO. We do not charge for an irreparable device. However, we may charge you a minimal fee for consulting.

Do you have a free pick up and drop service for damaged or tampered products?

Yes! We do!

What to do if I am dissatisfied with your services?

If at all you happen to be dissatisfied with our services. You can call our customer service representative for the same.

What if I still don’t like the services I am getting?

Well! If you still aren’t happy about the services you have received from us. Feel free to contact to Mr. Gaikwad at [email protected] or drop us a line at +91 8698929797

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We support 20+ Laptop Brands

Our engineers are trained to repair laptops of all brands