Desktop Repairs

Let’s face it, repairing a desktop is a difficult task. However, with our state of the art pre and post care repairing services, your desktop problems are a thing of the past.

Our desktop repair solutions include: Standard Maintenance, Upgrades, motherboard repairs, modifications etc.

Not just limiting our work to Laptops. The Laptop + team also provides customers, solutions for Desktop and Projector Repairs. So that they don’t have to look elsewhere.

internal circuit image of desktop CPU

Laptop Repairs

Committed to giving our clients, a solution that best fits their needs, the laptop repairs at Laptop + are Easy, Fast and Reliable.

Our team of experts carefully look into, inspect and understand the problems you are facing with your laptop. It could be as simple as an upgrade or as difficult as a complicated Data Recovery.

Our specialists work with state of the art diagnostic and repairing tools to make sure your laptop is delivered to you in a new and better performing avatar.

All Major Laptop Brands (Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.) are covered under our specialized laptop care.

internal circuit image of laptop

Laptop Modification and Fabrication

Need a new display? Need a hinge repaired? Or probably a new body for your laptop? Well, look no further because we have that covered.

With high quality modification tools and fabrication machines, giving your laptop, a makeover is easy.

With our inhouse modification and fabrication services, your laptop would be as good as new.

Our Experts will make sure you get the best makeover for your laptop at a competitive price.

image of laptop modification & fabrication

Projector Repair

Need a lens repaired? Projector Maintained? Or just a regular projector clean-up? Don’t worry, we have that covered too. Our team has expertise, not just in Desktop or Laptop Repairs but also in Projector Repairs.

internal circuit image of projector

On Rent (Rental Services)

Need a desktop or laptop to cover your work needs? For a short duration? Why worry? We have that covered as well. With our rental services and low monthly rent, you can rent out a desktop or laptop that perfectly fits your requirement. Great and Assured quality guaranteed.

laptop & desktop images for rent

Other Services

At Laptop +, we like to give our customers 360 degrees of solutions and care. Not just limited to repair works, modification or rent outs. We also have a wide range of IT Peripherals that you may require with your computer. Our products include a wide range of Motherboards, Headphones, Earphones, Mouse, Graphics Card, Hard-disk, Portable Drives etc.

image of other computer accessories like Motherboards, Headphones, Earphones, Mouse, Graphics Card, Hard-disk, Portable Drives

We support 20+ Laptop Brands

Our engineers are trained to repair laptops of all brands